Small Group Training for New Moms


a 6-week program designed for prenatal and postpartum women…

Are you pregnant, or just had a baby? During and after pregnancy, your body experiences so many changes. Your focus should be feeling good, making time for yourself and functionality. Obviously we all think about "bouncing back," but realistically when you give birth to your new little bundle of joy, you are giving birth to a new you.

Our program helps you to embrace these changes, and design the new you. Over the course of 6 weeks, in a group of 5 women, we focus on:

  • Total Body alignment and strength,

  • Warding off injuries and Diastsis Recti

  • Strengthening your core, along with strengthening and stretching your Pelvic Floor

  • Creating a support system and mom community

  • Learn how to heal inside and out

Need To know…

  • Experience the attention and programming of a Personal Training session in a small group setting of 5 women.

  • You can opt to experience the entire 6 weeks or simply drop-in to a class when you can.

  • You will be given homework, on-your-own workouts, guidance for your weekly fitness routine and more!

Meet Sunday's at 9am-

1/13, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/24, 3/3

** (One makeup day will be allowed and assigned by Instructor)

$450 for 1x/wk for 6 weeks (Guaranteed a spot in all classes)

$80 Drop-ins (First come first serve)