-The Club-

Feel Stronger, Experience Change & Have Fun  

"The Club" is The P.E. Club's Small Group Training Program! 

Experience a personal training workout in a group setting.  
Learn to utilize the entire gym, while incorporating mobility, strength and endurance throughout each workout. With two trainers on hand, to adjust/modify exercises, every client receives personal attention and guidance.

What the program includes
-Max of 6 people per session
-Assigned homework(workouts) to compliment weekly routine
-Dynamic warm up and cool down designed specifically for you
-Personalized attention
-Personalized programing
-2 Trainers per session

-The P.E. Club - Using the entire gym and all the equipment!

-Saturday's at 9:45am

-The P.E. Club Personal Trainers

-You won't push yourself this hard on your own
-Learn how to use new equipment
-Learn new exercises and what works based on your goals
-Workout with a plan that progresses as you do
-Burn off brunch :)

Drop in - $75
5 Pack - $365
10 Pack - $700

The Club was created to combine the personalized, one-on-one attention of a personal training session with the community, affordability, and energizing atmosphere of a group fitness class - and we've achieved just that!