Pre & Postnatal Fitness Workshop

Learn the DO'S and DONT'S of how to stay in shape while pregnant and beyond! 


Join The P.E. Club’s Experts in Women’s fitness:
Nedra Lopez & Samantha Autry for an afternoon of enlightenment along with an awesome workout.

Sunday, November 11th


If you are looking to get pregnant in the next 12 months and want to know how to prepare your body for this incredible journey, sign up!

If you are pregnant and want to learn the do’s and don’ts of health and fitness to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy, sign up!

It takes 18 months for your body to completely recover after baby…so if you are postpartum 18 months or less, need a plan for recovery, and guidelines for getting in shape, sign up!

In 90 Minutes:
-Learn what exercises are most effective and safe while pregnant. 
-Learn what exercises and moves to avoid while pregnant. 
-Learn how to work around existing injuries and avoid future ones.
-Ward off back pain and tips to avoid diastasis recti -Learn what exercises will fix Diastasis Recti, along with ones to avoid
-Learn the 6 most important exercises to bounce back after baby. 
-Experience a 40 minute total body class for pre & postnatal geared towards firing up your core, making you sweat and leave you feeling recharged! 

*Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing through 10/31, then prices go up to $50! Call us @ 646-559-8338 with any questions

Can you workout while pregnant?



Myth #1: "You can’t work your core while pregnant - it will squish the baby!"

FACT:  It is extremely important to continue strengthening your core throughout pregnancy.

MYTH #2: "Pregnancy will make you prone to fitness injuries."

FACT: While pregnant, your body goes through many changes that can cause back pain, along with other ailments. A balanced fitness routine will keep you strong, mobile and feeling energized!

Myth #3: "Your heart rate should never go above 140 bpm."

FACT:  Mommies who are more active and athletic should use “Perceived Level of Exertion” as their guide.

Myth #4: "It’s too dangerous to run or lift weights."

FACT: If you were lifting weights or a runner prior to pregnancy, then you can continue throughout pregnancy. Your intensity will change throughout each trimester.*
*Always speak with your doctor first, before starting a new workout regimen.

At The P.E. Club, you & YOur BABY are in good hands. 

Workout safely & effectively with us in our specialized group fitness classes and tailored Personal Training programs for Prenatal & Postpartum care.  Our team of certified trainers and instructors will give you a safe, effective workout with 1-on-1, hands on attention.

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