Can you workout while pregnant?



Myth #1: "You can’t work your core while pregnant - it will squish the baby!"

FACT:  It is extremely important to continue strengthening your core throughout pregnancy.

MYTH #2: "Pregnancy will make you prone to fitness injuries."

FACT: While pregnant, your body goes through many changes that can cause back pain, along with other ailments. A balanced fitness routine will keep you strong, mobile and feeling energized!

Myth #3: "Your heart rate should never go above 140 bpm."

FACT:  Mommies who are more active and athletic should use “Perceived Level of Exertion” as their guide.

Myth #4: "It’s too dangerous to run or lift weights."

FACT: If you were lifting weights or a runner prior to pregnancy, then you can continue throughout pregnancy. Your intensity will change throughout each trimester.*
*Always speak with your doctor first, before starting a new workout regimen.

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