Using proven methods of training and a variety of modalities, we work tirelessly to make sure you reach your goals through safe and challenging workouts. No more wasting your time by spending hours at the gym. At The P.E. Club, we make sure your workouts are efficient, fun and effective.


  • We make sure that you not only perform the exercises correctly, but that you learn why you are performing an exercise so you are always increasing your body awareness and knowledge.
  • We have formally trained every personal trainer in The P.E. Club approach. This approach encompasses a form-focused method with specialized training programs. We consistently progress, modify and adapt each clients program to keep them challenged and working towards their goal.
  • Our personal trainers are the best in their field. We ASSESS, PLAN, and DESIGN programs built directly to fit your needs, lifestyle and goals. Whether you frequently travel, have a hectic work schedule or have a hard time finding the time to workout, we will make sure to construct your fitness routine accordingly. 

When you become A MEMBER, you receive all the tools and support you need to stay on track.

  • Unlimited Access to Cardio Equipment: Available for use anytime during club hours.
  • Cardio Homework: In addition to Cardio Homework created by your trainer that specifically complements your personal goals & routine, you also receive exclusive access to our password-protected Cardio Homework page for even more workout options. 
  • Class Scheduling & Recommendations: You don't have to break up with your spin instructor. We'll help you plan your schedule outside of P.E. and recommend what you should be doing on rest days.  
  • Around-the-Clock Support: We encourage you to reach out to your trainer if you have any questions or concerns about your current program. 
  • Extra Credit Opportunities: Our weekly e-mail blasts provide you with the latest content we pulled together from your favorite trainers & instructors. Opt in for a fitness pick-me-up sent straight to your inbox.

*Training session package pricing available upon request or provided following your complimentary consult.