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Gym Class Sweethearts...

With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry between founders Nedra Lopez Matosov and Alex Matosov, The P.E. Club developed their own unique approach to health and fitness. The couple met working as Personal Trainers at Equinox in NYC. Both being extremely competitive in nature, the two worked hard to be the best, and in turn, found that they shared a deep love for fitness…and eventually for each other.

About The Club

Based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, The P.E. Club approaches fitness in a way that encompasses the owners' passions, beliefs and fun-filled approach to fitness. Many facilities take themselves too seriously and can be intimidating. At The P.E. Club, the atmosphere is inviting and motivating. From one-on-one, tailored personal training to group fitness classes, clients are driven to reach their fitness potential.