“Just the Facts,” a Nutrition Workshop



No carb?

Low carb?

Good carbs vs. Bad carbs?

Are you tired of trying to figure out what works for you? Do you want the simple facts without the fluff?

Join us for our Complimentary:

"Just the Facts" Nutrition Seminar

Led by Tabitha Sierra, The P.E. Club’s in-house Nutrition Coach

-We will discuss the basics of nutrition

-Learn what can work for you

-Learn tips for losing weight and keeping it off

-Get your questions answered about your weight loss/nutrition needs and concerns

After the seminar Tabitha will answer your questions and all who attend will get as ton of information to keep!

When: Sunday, July 14th- 4pm-5:30pm & Monday, July 15th- 6:30pm-8pm


Interested in working with a nutrition coach?

food pic:nutrition .jpeg

Do you need tips on how to lose weight? or a complete revamp of your eating habits?


Tabitha sierra


Tabitha understands that one size does not fit all, in Health and Wellness. As a certified Health Coach, she has the education and experience in over 20 dietary theories and practices that she applies to her flexible dieting approach.

No more rigid diet plans, instead enjoy learning what works for your body, in order to achieve your goals. Knowledge is power, and with Tabitha’s guidance and support you will learn to turn your body into a fat burning machine that is full of energy!

Her Coaching consists of:

  • Personalized approach to your goals.  We discuss your why and wants and together we create a program that covers it all, inside and out.

  • A nutrition plan that is sustainable and progresses as you do

  • Weekly Check-in via email

  • Tools and resources that guide you through the basics of living a fit Inside Out life

  • Access to Tabitha via text and email 

  • You will be part of the Fit Inside Out private Facebook community, where you will be motivated and inspired by others on the same journey.  Tabitha will also be there weekly with live events and tips to support you.

  • There will be consistent work on your relationship with food and dieting to finally help to end the yo-yo cycle of dieting.

  • Learn how to organize your time and your life so that you are able to achieve your goals


**All Personal Training package holders receive a complimentary 30min Nutrition Consultation to discuss goals, nutrition history and current dietary habits