3 Tips To Channel Your Inner Body Positivity

By Melody Domfort, Instructor

Melody Domfort, Instructor - The P.E. Club Upper East Side Gym

Most of us are looking to make improvements on our bodies.  Some are looking to make big changes, while others small adjustments.  In any case, we all tend to do the same thing, or at least I do. We tell ourselves what we don’t like about our bodies before we even attempt to make improvements.

“I hate my stomach. My legs are too big. My arms are fat."

The insults we give ourselves go on and on.  When we use these words at the start our journey towards improving our body, we end up on a difficult path. We end up not enjoying working out because our motivation is coming from a negative perspective.  When we don’t see quick results, we end up wanting to give up. It becomes stressful, more than anything to get our bodies to where we want them to be. 

So what would happen if we tried it a different way? What if we used positive words to motivate ourselves? Instead of saying “I look fat” or “I wish I was skinnier”, replace it with “I’m ready to get stronger”, or “I’m ready to make my body feel good”.  When you begin to workout with positive phrases, rather than focusing on the negative, you may notice you will actually feel motivated to go to the gym and kick some ass!  

Melody Domfort, The P.E. Club Instructor

This negative mindset translates to food as well.  We try to diet so we get smaller and it lasts a mere few weeks before we give up and quit.  What if you tried to change your eating habits and lifestyle to become healthier rather than skinner? 

Not only is positive thinking more motivating, it also allows us to see our results in a different way.  Instead of seeing improvement by what you see in the mirror, you start to notice that you’re now using 20-pound dumbbells instead of 10-pound ones.  When you focus on inner strength the results are much more rewarding and you’ll feel motivated to keep pushing forward.  When you eat better to feel good rather than look thin, you start to notice your energy levels change in your body and you’ll want to keep doing it.  If you choose to use these positive thoughts as motivation, one day you’ll take a look in mirror and see the stronger and healthier you.

Body positivity is definitely easier said than done.  You’re not always going to get it right, here are some tips for those days you just feel off:

1.) If you wake up and start pointing out something negative about your body try and add one positive thing you like about yourself. It can be as simple as “I love my smile."

2.) If your workout doesn’t feel as strong as it did the day before, remember to always just thank yourself and be proud for doing something for your body that day.

3.) If you ate a donut or bowl of ice cream, DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR IT!  Life is here to experience and you should never apologize for keeping things that you enjoy in your life.

It’s all about balance. The main thing is to remember, no matter what size you are all of our bodies should be celebrated because they wake us up every morning. They allow us to breathe air into our lungs and make memories everyday.  To walk, run, and lift those weights we always complain about.  Let’s not take even the small things each of our bodies do for granted.

The more you learn to celebrate your body in whatever shape or size it may be, the more power you’ll have to drop the negativity and make that body the strongest and healthiest it can be.   

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