Why You Should Focus on Your Own Healthy Journey

The P.E. Club - Kayley Stevens - NYC Fitness

By Kayley Stevens

How many times have you compared your body to another’s? How many times have you heard about a friend’s special diet that you decide to try because of his or her results? How many magazines have you read about celebrities and what they do to stay healthy/in shape?

We are always looking at outside sources for help when it comes to fitness and a clean diet. For decades, our society and the media have carefully manipulated us into believing how we can achieve a healthier, stronger, better body. Unhappy with yourself? Follow this celebrity trend. Take more classes like “Sally” does. Buy this. Eat this. Work-out here. Do this exercise.

What if we took that focus on others’ diets, workouts, and regiments & used it instead to concentrate on what makes us feel and look our best? What if it really is that simple? What if the answer is this: make your health journey less about others, more about YOU.

This small change can help us find peace and success with our bodies.

Inside the fitness world and out, men and women compare themselves to others. It’s a primal quality we have. Whose muscles are bigger? Who can run faster? Who eats better? Who has better results than me?  We can’t help it. Humans have competed with each other since the beginning of time. This “race” against others, however, can sometimes hinder our happiness and hinder our results.  Many of my clients and peers desire arms like one person, abs like another. They read about what diet is working for fit men and women around them. By making goals based on another person, we already set ourselves up for disappointment. Implementing a plan similar to someone else’s is fine, and in fact, can work in some cases. But making comparisons along the way will only distract and frustrate.

Factors like genetics, sleep, digestive differences, and even your daily routine can affect results on your health journey. Each and every one of us will respond to workouts and diets differently.

Kayley Stevens - The P.E. Club - NYC Fitness

For example: “Person A” may be able to lift heavy weights, barely do any cardio, eat whatever they want (carbs, sugar, alcohol galore) and remain super lean. However, “Person B” might not feel as great eating loads of carbs and sugar. They may feel or look best doing long hours of cardio, minimal strength, and sticking to a super clean diet. The variations are endless. The factors are endless. Each one of us falls into a different rhythm of health, a different pattern.

Let me use myself as another example. As a dancer and instructor teaching 15-17 classes a week, I am moving and strengthening my body MANY hours a day.  Being extremely active allows me to pretty much eat anything I want. You name it. Fries, burgers, pizza, ice cream, wine, beer—I don’t hold back. I eat healthy 50% of the time and not so healthy the other 50%. My results cannot be compared to a person who works long hours an office or as a full time parent. I admire NYC workout warriors so much—the clients who show up to the P.E. Club after hours of working and walking kids around and cleaning to get a great sweat in. Your results are right there in front of you. Each time you show up in class, each push up, each rep you finish, compare THOSE. Compare the strength you began with and the strength you have after a few classes.

Here’s something to try...

Instead of letting your focus be someone else’s body or nutrition, try looking inwards for answers. Become your own inspiration. Look to YOURSELF for guidance. Discover what kind of workouts make you feel your best; eat the foods that make you feel great. Compare ONLY your results, no one else’s. Instead of making your goal someone else’s body, try and envision the kind of strength you’d like to have on your own body. How many push-ups or sprints do you want to be able to complete? How many could you do before? Such a small mental shift can really change the fitness game for all of us.

YOU are a champion-- you don’t need to look elsewhere for inspiration. Look inside yourself.

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