The Top 8 Health & Fitness Trends in 2017

2017 Health and Fitness Trends - The P.E. Club

A new year means new diet and workout trends...This can be a sticky time for small boutique gyms.  Sometimes, if you can't keep up with the trends, business can take a turn for the worst.  But at P.E., our main goal is to educate and keep you healthy while staying on track towards your fitness goals!  We care most about what works for you. That's why we consider ourselves your personal homeroom for fitness. 

And with that being said, we put together a list of the 2017 health & fitness trends we stand by with The P.E. Club stamp of approval. 

Here are 7 trends to keep you healthy and fit  this new year!

1.) Maintaining a well balanced workout regimen.

Taking 5 classes of the same thing every week may seem like a good idea at the time and you'll see results within the first month or so, but this can easily create muscular imbalances leading to "overuse" injuries.  Over time, your body will also get used to a certain exercise, causing your results to plateau.  This year, practicing balance is in. Be sure to incorporate all types of exercise - from strengthening/toning and cardio to recovery/stretching/yoga.  Depending on your fitness goals, it's possible to create your own recipe for success by planning your workout routine each week that hits all these bases.  Here's a tip - whatever you do the least of or consider yourself "bad at" is probably what you should be doing the most this year. 

Need help getting started?  Sign up for your free training assessment and consult with us and we'll take care of your fitness game plan. 

2.) Eating for fuel.

Too many fad diets are restrictive and leave you starving.  By changing the way you think about food, you may be able to overcome those late night refrigerator binges. Dieting should be seen as temporary... For instance, coming back from a vacation where you overate and binged,  the first week back you may be very strict by eating extremely well and drinking lots of water.  However, the longevity of clean eating and flexible dieting will keep you healthy and happy, always.  That's why we stand by eating smarter and looking to food as fuel - choosing fresh, natural choices whenever possible to do the body good!

3.) Women taking over the weight room.

Who run the world? GIRLS.  Strong is the new sexy, and being able to lift weights is not only empowering physically, but mentally. In society today, it used to be a man's world, but it is a women's world, too. Ladies remember: what you do to your body changes it's shape and what you put into it changes it's size, so don't be afraid to lift weights! Let it chisel you.

In addition, with rising emphasis on body positivity, more women are embracing their natural curves and beauty - and their desire to be stronger.  The growing community of women in fitness is shedding light on the importance of loving your body for what it is capable of vs. how it looks. 

4.) High. protein. everything. 

Are you obsessed with Halo Top ice cream as much as we are? There are so many tasty high protein options on the market right now, from nut butters to cookies & bread! High protein is the best post-workout fix and it's great for the macros, too. 

5.) Recovery, balance and efficiency.

Rest days welcome.  Foam rolling, stretching and yoga are just as important as the workout.  If you don't give your body a day off, you are putting yourself at risk for injury.  

6.) Workouts that take flight.

We love TRX and suspension training, so it's no mystery that we're excited about all things aerial. Suspension allows you to strengthen and stretch using just your bodyweight and gravity.  There are a lot of aerial yoga studios popping up around the city, so be sure to give it a try! 

7.) The fall of the classic big box gym. 

As more people flee to boutique fitness studios where the experience is more intimate and client-focused, the industry will continue to favor small businesses. At The P.E. Club, you are guaranteed a support system of knowledgeable trainers here to keep you working towards your goals, whatever they may be. You just can't get that type of service at big box gyms. 

8.) The rise of fitness retreats.

Well+Good recently gave ode to fitness retreats in their 2017 trend round-up, and we tend to agree.  Join us for our first ever Fitness & Wellness Escape in Arizona, led by trainers Nedra Lopez & Holly Goodwin!  Receive a free personal training session when you sign up.  For more info: