9 Quick Grab N Go Breakfasts that Pack a Punch!

Whether you're looking for high protein, high fat or all of the above, this week our trainers share their favorite breakfast go-tos that pack a punch to start the day, leaving them feeling full, nourished and ready to workout!

Kevin's Pick: Chobani yogurt w/ granola + almond butter.

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Chobani Yogurt - The P.E. Club

Kayley's Pick: Peanut butter + banana everything. Sandwiches, smoothies, nutrition bars, etc...!

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Peanut Butter + Banana - The P.E. Club

Miriam's Pick: Overnight oats

Quick Breakfast Ideas:  Overnight Oats - The P.E. Club

*Try it! Throw oats, almond milk, and flavors of choice (sweeteners, protein powders, cinnamon, vanilla extract, etc.) into tupperware the night before, add fruit and/or nut butter on top, and you have the perfect, filling, healthy breakfast for on the go!

Nedra's Pick: Avocado toast w/ a poached egg.

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Avocado Toast + Poached Egg - The P.E. Club

Melody's Pick: Yogurt bowls!

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Yogurt Bowls - The P.E. Club

#ProTip! Mix it up with whatever you have in the kitchen that day, throw it in a tupperware container and go.

Morgana's Pick: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Fannetastic Food - Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars - The P.E. Club

Try it! Here's Morgana's fave recipe from FANNEtastic Food: http://bit.ly/2jEaaZz

Allie's Pick: Eggs w/ veggies in a whole what wrap

Quick Breakfast Ideas: Egg + Veggie Wrap - The P.E. Club

Mayra's Pick: Raw protein bars + a banana

Easy Breakfast Ideas: Raw Revolution Protein Bars - The P.E. Club

Katy's Pick: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs w/ a pinch of salt + some salsa

Easy Breakfast Ideas: Hard Boiled Eggs + Salsa - The P.E. Club

Fueled up & ready to go?