The Best Places For Post-Workout Eats on the Upper East Side

Looking for a spot to grab a bite? Fuel up after a tough workouT. 

Here are some of our best recommendations, suggested by your favorite trainers & instructors at The P.E. Club. 

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1.) Hu Kitchen - 86th/87th & 3rd

For our clean eaters, this is the spot for you!  Hu Kitchen has everything from build-your-own yogurt bowls to a cold bar of grab and gos. Need a little something for your sweet tooth?  HK sells a variety of dairy-free dark chocolates in a variety of fun flavors that are also available at Whole Foods. 

Credit: @SweetGreen

Credit: @SweetGreen

2.) Sweet Green - 85th/86th & 3rd

Sweet Green just opened on the Upper East Side, and we're stoked!  SG has fresh & healthy ingredients sourced from local, organic farmers.  Grab one of their house made frescas to hydrate post-workout. 

Trainer Favorite!  You simply can't mess with the classics. Nedra loves the Spring Chicken Salad, sans the parmesan crisps. 


3.) Chopt - 78th/79th & 3rd

Another salad shop contender, Chopt is a great option if you're craving a very large bowl of greens stuffed with protein and vegetables.  Build your own salad or mix up their classic bowls with your own personal touches. 

Instructor Favorite!  Katy takes her Mexicali Vegan with all Kale, excluding the beans & tortilla chips to keep it paleo. Add sauteed onions & broccoli for an additional fiber fix.

4.) Candle Café - 74th/75th & 3rd

With fresh food from farm to table, Candle Café prides themselves on their organic, vegan cuisine that is rooted in sustainability, eco-friendly practices. This is a prime UES smoothie spot for a nutritional boost.

Manager Favorite! Mayra keeps it Vegan with the Green Queen juice - apple, pineapple, cucumber, mint & cardamon. The benefits? Powerful antioxidants, protects brain cells, improves blood circulation + high in Vitamin C. 

5.) Le Pan Quotidien - 77th/78th & 2nd

Le Pan Quotidien Upper East Side - Robin Barrie

This is a club favorite amongst all of our trainers & instructors!  If there's a team meeting, you can catch everyone at this local café & eatery.  Just around the corner from P.E., LPQ is perfect for the remote worker who has to put some hours in after class or a fab spot if you're just meeting a friend for coffee. 

Nutritionist Favorite!  Our go-to nutritionist Robin Barrie loves the great "fast food" spread offered at LPQ - particularly a coffee, some hard-boiled eggs & fresh tabouleh to go! 

6.) Voila 76 - 75th/76th & 2nd

You can see just by Voila's menu  that they carry a lot of veggie-filled & protein heavy meal options that will give you the nutrients you need after an intense workout. If you're all about that breakfast-for-dinner, Voila makes eggs to order all day long. 

Manager Favorite!  Lucas enjoys their healthy twist on a Chicken Parm wrap, filled with whole grain rice, grilled chicken + light on the cheese.