The Best Neighborhood Coffee Spots on the Upper East Side

Sometimes you need a pick me up after your morning workout, or a little something to get you jazzed before an evening class. We asked our trainers & instructors their favorite places for a caffeine boost around the club.  

1.) Joe's Coffee - 74th/75th & Lex

Kevin & Miriam can be found at Joe's Coffee before their morning training sessions or evening classes. Miriam's go-to is a cold brew or americano with almond milk, while Kevin prefers to zen out with a hot tea. 

2.) Cafe Noi - 76th/77th & 2nd

Morgana teaches those early morning 7 & 8 ams.  She just wouldn't be her spunky self without that morning Joe at Café Noi, located conveniently around the corner from the club! You won't be able to guess her signature brew; she enjoys a classic hot cappuccino with whole milk... you heard it right!

Photo Credit: @therealslimkaty

3.) Starbucks - 75th/76th & 2nd

Our Paleo barre instructor Katy prefers Starbucks for their non-dairy options. Starbucks is one of the only local favorites that offers Coconut Milk as a  substitute. You can always find Katy with coconut iced coffee in hand around the club!

4.) Dunkin Donuts - 74th/75th & 2nd

Ever wonder why our front desk staff are always happy, peppy & smiling? Lucas & Mayra get their pre-shift fix at this classic spot.  Mayra is a caffeine fiend, spiking her iced coffee with three shots of espresso.  

5.) Oslo - 75th & 1st/York

Alex & Nedra are all about Oslo.  Alex likes to keep his morning coffee simple with just a splash of whole milk.  In fact,  he doesn't speak until that first sip.  Nedra, on the other hand, is a morning person that doesn't reach for the caffeine until later in the afternoon when her sparkle starts to fade. Nedra's afternoon bliss? A black coffee without the frills.