Morgana's Top 10 Wedding Prep Activities For A Sane Bride

Our Group Fitness Manager & Instructor Morgana Phlaum - now Mauney and wife of instructor Andrew - walked down the aisle this past April as a beautiful bride with a fierce bod after working out with our team of trainers! The photos were picture perfect, as well as the memories of the joyous occasion, yet we all know wedding planning is a stressful feat and it's a lot of work before any vows are exchanged.  Morgana shared with us some of her go-to activities for brides as they approach their big day to prevent potential Bridezilla attacks! 

Wedding Planning? Namaste in Bed.  

By Morgana Mauney, Group Fitness Manager & Instructor

Morgana and Andrew Mauney Wedding 2016


  1. MEDITATION: Wedding planning has so many ups and downs that I needed to find something to calm my anxiety. When one needs to take deep breaths, one meditates. Meditation allowed me to have twenty minutes twice a day all to myself. No technology, no working out, no thoughts about seating arrangements, and no fiancé trying to ask me a million questions I already answered. 
  2. SHOPPING FOR THE HONEYMOON: As much as a wedding is about celebrating the love between two people, there are so many details that have nothing to do with the couple. So why not avoid planning and shop for the relaxing and fun part that happens after the wedding? The honeymoon! Bikinis, sun dresses, sandals, lingerie! Why not?
  3. WORKING OUT WITH A TRAINER: I got out of my comfort zone and used the resources I have at The P.E. Club and started working out with different trainers. It was great to have the one-on-one attention. I needed someone else to kick my butt. They didn't let me get away with anything!  
  4. HAVING A WORKOUT BUDDY: I took work out classes around the city with friends. Pit stains enjoy company!
  5. WALK AROUND NYC: The weather was far from fabulous, but I tried to walk more than taking public transportation. Why take the crowded bus when you can get some exercise in and walk across the park?
  6. EATING CLEAN: I tried to stay away from refined sugar, but life is about balance, so I didn't deprive myself from chocolate...chocolate covered espresso beans anyone?
  7. A JUICE A DAY: When I hit that mid day slump or just needed to take a step away from the beast that is wedding planning, I'd go out for a juice and have a date by myself or with a friend. 
  8. TOOK TIME FOR MYSELF: It was hard to separate myself from the organized planner in me. The way I tend to hit pause on reality is to watch some good ole Vampire Diaries, read a book in the tub, get a relaxing facial, or go shopping. 
  9. CALL MY MOM, SISTER OR BFF: These women are the best support team I could ever ask for. They laughed with me, let me cry when a detail wasn't perfect, and then laughed at me because I was crying about cake toppers. They made me feel like a normal person and not a mini bridezilla.  
  10. DANCE PARTIES WITH MY SOON-TO-BE HUSBAND: It was hard to be a normal couple without talking about the wedding. So when Andrew and I realized that all we were doing was talking about the big day, we realized there was only one thing to do: dance. We danced in our living room until we couldn't dance anymore. It kept stressful times light and reminded us why we were working so hard on a five hour party.

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