5 Reasons Your Foam Roller is The Best Friend You've Ever Had

Your trainer tells you time and time again to roll out on your off days or on your own after a killer workout.  You nod & smile, but perhaps you know deep down inside you are planning to do the exact opposite: do everything BUT foam roll.  

Click here for a foam rolling how-to with trainer, Amanda Edell!

Click here for a foam rolling how-to with trainer, Amanda Edell!

Let’s break it down for you nice & simple: if you are looking to avoid soreness, gain or keep flexibility and prevent injury, you best be practicing just what the doctor ordered.  All of these things can be achieved & avoided with a regular roll out practice. Get the facts and find out why the foam roller is actually the best friend you ever had.

1.) If you’re cold, they’ll keep you warm. 

Foam rollers act as a dynamic warm up to get the blood flow circulating in your cold muscles before your workout.  As muscle temperature increases and more oxygen starts pumping through your veins, your muscle metabolism will kickstart to optimize calorie burn. 

2.) They don’t want you to see you get hurt. 

The key to injury prevention is relieving tightness.  When you relieve tightness, you avoid the risk of overcompensation and becoming injured from pushing your range of motion too far. Regular rolling will help you relieve tightness in the larger, tightness-prone areas, such as the hip flexors and quadriceps.

3.) They make you look & feel like a million bucks.

Foam rollers can actually help you achieve your aesthetic goals when practiced in tandem with your workout regimen. You can foam roll your cellulite away or  achieve flatter abs with the right program. In addition, beat the dreaded “day after” soreness with a post-workout roll. Your body will thank you later.

4.) They’re flexible.  And encourage you to be flexible, too.

It’s a win-win.  Not only can you use your foam roller for a variety of different exercises and programs tailored to what you need, but they can help you reach your personal #flexibilitygoals. 

Just dust off that old foam roller and take it for a roll.  With regular practice, you’ll feel noticeably different before, during and after your workouts.  Treat your foam roller like your best friend, and remember no one likes that friend that always says they’ll hang out and bails at the last minute.