The Boutique Fitness Studio Disrupting Industry Trends

You’ve done it all before.

The fad diets. The New Year’s Resolutions. You stick to a routine, you feel good and then you stuff things into your mouth.

You know, all the things. ;)

You feel bad, you stress eat some more, skip the gym, call it a day and promise yourself tomorrow is the day you hit the restart button.  Only thing is, the restart button doesn’t even have the words “restart” on it any more from all the times it’s been pushed.   

We get it.  There’s a damn wedding or brunch date every weekend.

It’s time to think of getting fit as a lifestyle change.  Even bigger than that, a change that requires a support system to keep you motivated.  One that will get you through those what-could-be cheat days. Who encourages you to push yourself beyond your limits, but doesn’t annihilate your body.

There’s a place on the Upper East Side where your fitness journey begins as you walk in the doors, but it doesn’t end once you leave.  We help you achieve your physical fitness goals, while keeping things personal - tailored to what you need to work on and what you love to do, while providing support to help you get past those physical/mental barriers that may be in your way.

At The P.E. Club, we’re disrupting the ongoing trends in fitness.  

  1. You love Barry’s & Soul? That’s great.  We’ll see you afterwards. At The P.E. Club, we won’t get between you and your current fitness crush. We’ll help you incorporate your favorite workouts into a personal training and workout schedule that is 100% tailored for you.  

  2. Millions of reps got nothing on good form. Our group fitness classes are designed to keep you in correct form and alignment throughout the entire class.  We cap the classes at 9 people, so there is enough hands on action to go around.

  3. There’s homework involved. Yeah, everyone hates homework. They hate it because you have to put in a little extra work.  But the thing is, a little extra work is what it takes to get better. Every week, our team of pro trainers outline cardio homework to keep you occupied when class is not session.  Our cardio equipment isn’t meant to sit there and look pretty - it’s ready to be dominated.

  4. We want you to be disruptive.  Be obnoxious.  Laugh so much you get in an extra ab workout. Tell us how much you hate planks and grunt when you’re doing them. Hate a song? Let us know.  Love a teacher? Tell us that, too.

  5. Give us the responsibility of getting you results. We work with you and for you, keeping your preferences and results at the top of our list of priorities. Our programs are  tailored for you, and we’ll make sure to make adjustments along the way if there’s something standing in the way between you and your best self.

  6. We keep things, like, really clean. Bathrooms? Flawless. Floor? Flawless. Mats? Flawless. We’re a gym, but we don’t smell like one.

  7. We’ve got rules. And we’re not talking about club policies.  Here are the 3 things we need you to follow once you join the club. 

Moral of the story? We get you.  No matter who you are, your level of fitness and what your goals are, we work with you & for you. A gym that makes clients their priority even when we close? What a novel idea.  

The P.E. Club Shield