Our unique group fitness classes are taught by highly motivated and educated instructors. We keep our classes intimate with no more than 9 people in a class. Each class is designed as an intricate piece to an overall fitness program that gets you closer to your fitness goals.


TRX Arms & Abs - The P.E. Club - fitness classes nyc

Build strength, shred your arms & back and feel your abs like never before! This class gradually builds intensity challenging your strength using the TRX, dumbbells, and more! Finish off with a non-impact cardio routine that will have your heart pumping, arms and abs shaking just to squeeze in another core sculpting session! We have jam-packed this class with everything you need to feel stronger and see results!


TRX Legs & Abs - The P.E. Club - fitness classes nyc

This lower body class is fast-paced, and designed to shred your legs, glutes and core! Challenge your strength using the TRX, dumbbells, and kettlebells! Then finish with a non-impact lower-body focused cardio routine that will keep your heart pumping! Instead of saving your abs for last...we have jam-packed core-sculpting movements throughout the entire class! Leave feeling stronger and tighter!


Strength, Balance & Recovery  - The P.E. Club

No matter what your goals are, find balance in your routine by incorporating this class every week. Class starts with basic stretching leading into a simplified Vinyasa flow, then build heat performing various Glute strengthening exercises, along with Pilates core work. Finish with foam rolling and a series of delicious restorative poses.
Leave class feeling lighter, stronger and recharged!


TRX Bootcamp at The P.E. Club

This bootcamp-style class will give your body the ultimate strength boost; a total body workout taken up a notch with some cardio + tabata!  Begin class with a full body warm up that incorporates the use of kettlebells to plank series variations. The climax of the class is a classic tabata with eight full rounds of exercises to maximize calorie burn.  The first four rounds incorporate kettlebells and gliders for core and lower body, while the second four rounds take place at the TRX for an upper body burn. The best part? The tabata changes each week! End class at the mat by blasting the hamstrings, glutes and abs.  


TRX Extreme Total Body at The P.E. Club

Our Total Body Class is fast-paced, and targets almost every muscle group! You’ll keep your body guessing, muscles burning, and find yourself out of breath with our strategic strength training game plan.  


TRX Barre Sculpt at The P.E. Club

This class is perfect for all levels. TRX Barre Sculpt is an eclectic fusion of barre conditioning movements, waist-defining Pilates mat work, while improving your overall strength using the TRX. Don't worry this isn't your standard "barre class," in fact we only spend 10 minutes at the barre, 10 minutes on the mat, while the rest of the time we spend sculpting your entire body. The ultimate goal of the class is to expand your fitness horizon across various modalities to promote the greatest change. 


Long & Lean at The P.E. Club

Experience what it feels like to challenge your entire body from every angle. Begin class performing total body lengthening movements on the mat to build heat. Next, feel the burn while strengthening using bands, balls, blocks and your own body. Spend the last 10 minutes of class focusing on that tight, chiseled midsection you've been yearning for.


TRX Lengthen & Tone at The P.E. Club

TRX Lengthen & Tone will challenge your entire body. Increase your strength, flexibility, and learn proper alignment, by incorporating this class to your weekly routine. The entire class is spent sculpting every inch of your body starting with your legs and booty at the barre, then shred your arms and abs using the TRX with weights. Perform traditional Ballet & Pilates exercises that will compliment any fitness routine. Designed by The P.E. Club's finest, in conjunction with Former Ballerina, Chrissy Schultz, you will leave feeling longer, tighter and toned!

We challenge you to try 3 classes before you decide if this class is for you!

*Please be advised that this class is faster paced than our other classes. It has been designed to truly change your body with moves from an actual dancer's workout that involve smaller movements, focus and patience.


TRX Core Strength at The P.E. Club

They say, "abs are built in the kitchen...but your core is sculpted in this class!"  Work your entire core in a way you have never experienced. Leave your planks and crunches at the door. We use those as a warm-up!  Throughout the class you're constantly building heat targeting your deepest layer first. Add in some upper-body work with rotations, waist-widdling Pilates, with core strengthening exercises, and you'll leave feeling your core tighter, stronger & recharged.

New Policy! Group Fitness Classes will be cancelled if there are less than 3 people signed up. There is a 2 hour minimum for notification of cancellation. Clients with a P.E. Club package will have the option to move into a different class the same day or be refunded.